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Newground$ Tutorial 2 Newground$ Tutorial 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not much of an improvement.

[Graphics]- Nothing different from the original, still the same gloomy colors. The menu now looks too cluttered with the extra buttons in all. You pictures are still pixelated. Make them more visible.

[Helpfulness]- Like your other one, it's pretty helpful. Your pretty frank when your telling the user whats up and how to do this.

[Information]- Pretty much the same material you covered in the original. Maybe add some BBS information and some "fun facts" about NG.

[Sound]- Same old music as the last one. You have managed to improve by adding an on and off button, but you should make them smaller because it clutters the main menu. Add some more tracks too.

[Overall]- Wasn't much of an improvement since your last one. To improve add colors based on the newgrounds layout, add some more tracks, increase the quality of your pictures, and make the main menu neater looking. I would be a good idea to add even more information, because the info in this is similar than your first one. The more the better.

~Review Request Club~

HomerDough responds:

The thing is (don't know if you know) click the badges and other icons because they are links to peoples profiles. I know some of them are out of date because this is 6 months before. That was the improvement.

Anyway, thnx for the review

Newground$ Tutorial Newground$ Tutorial

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice tutorial.

[Graphics]- The main background is pretty boring. Try to add a lot more colors in this to brighten it up. I suggest gray and orange since they are NG's primary colors. A lot of the pictures in here are quite hard to see because of the excessive pixels. Make it more clear to see the pictures.

[Helpfulness]- You seem to add some extra information such as a "dictionary". This tutorial has a lot of information and should be helpful to anyone new to this site, but the problem is a lot of people won't find this flash. There more likely to search in the Where is it? and How? forums. Your sentences are nice and clear and easy for anybody to understand. Overall this was more helpful than your average NG tutorial.

[Information]- You added extra information, even more than is needed, but knowledge is power! I think though you need to update your whistle info to the modern whistle standards.

[Sound]- The was well suited, but you need to add an "off" button and different tracks because the song could get annoying after a while.

[Overall]- Very nice and well thought out tutorial. It has a lot of extra information too. I'd say the only improvements you should add are make the picture more clear, add some different songs, and some more colorful backgrounds; I suggest gray and orange because they are newgrounds primary colors. Overall a nice and helpful tutorial.

~Review Request Club~

HomerDough responds:

I did have an off button in the other tut but you know that already.

Anyway great review and thanks

Newground Quiz Newground Quiz

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Okay quiz but needs some improvements

[Graphics]- Some of the background colors were good at times, other times they got in the way with the text. The text at the top was interesting looking, but it doesn't have a Newgrounds feel to it. I think your idea of changing the back ground on each different question is a good idea because users could get bored looking at the same one. However I think the background colors should be solid overall.

[Questions]- The questions in this were pretty decent but some were just plain obvious, and some were not so obvious. Questions like "What movie had review crew pick on June 3, 2006" are just plain ridiculous. But you did start out with easy questions then as the questions went up so did the level of difficulty. I think you should have added some questions that are derived specifically from the newground FAQ and history of NG.

[Entertainment Value]- I found this quite boring. Mainly because the reward wasn't really a reward. Nothing to look forward to if you successfully finish the quiz. Next time add an actual award. I found some of the questions to be funny. Thats probably the only entertaining thing about this.

[Sound]- Music went well with this quiz. I think ParagonX9 is getting a little bit overused though. You also had an "on" and "off" button to this, which is a plus.

[Overall]- This quiz is pretty mediocre. There no real reward at the end, which basically gives you nothing to look forward to at the end. You should also add some more tracks to your next quiz. Add some backgrounds that don't interfere with the question text. Add some more questions that are relevant to the NG FAQ and Newground history. Maybe add some more BBS questions too. Overall very mediocre but with improvements it could be a well rounded quiz.

~Review Request Club~

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HomerDough responds:

I was gonna make another quiz that'll be much better but it would just be a nuisance with everything.

Overall, good review and thnx

Shark Attack Shark Attack

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


PROS: Cool shark.

CONS: There really isn't any objective in this game. There is no music. There is no scoreboard. There is a blank background. This game is terrible.

OVERALL: This game is absolutely terrible and i would not recommend it to anyone in the mood for serious gameplay. Some suggestions for improvements would be add sound and music, and add some objectives because this is just pointless.


Aliens Soundboard Aliens Soundboard

Rated 3 / 5 stars


PROS: Quite an original soundboard, I don't know if an alien movie SB has been done already, but this is different than your generic SB's.
Fans would be somewhat please with this. You did an overall good job with this however it’s not perfect.
It has a nice background picture.
There are some really great quotes in this.

CONS: It can use some extras such as movie trivia and so forth.
I didn't see bishop in there? And he of course is a memorable character.

OVERALL: Although I like the original ALIEN better, for many reasons such as it was creepier and more atmospheric, but I thought ALIENS was better as a SB because it has more memorable characters, such as HUDSON and BISHOP. Overall this was a fairly decent SB that will please the fans.


Frenzy responds:

I couldn't find any Bishop soudns! Sorry about that! (Well, I found one, but I couldn't download it!)

Thanks for the review!


P.S. From Dusk Till Dawn, Madagascar, and Starship Troopers are genric soundboards!?

Scar's Massacre Level 1 Scar's Massacre Level 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice little game!

Even know its only one level I think a full-length game would have been perfect. So next time you submit just don't submit one level.
Do the whole game.

Graphics: Overall the graphics were nice however the animation wasn't really realistic. For example when he moves his legs are motionless.
Style: A generic style shooting game with monkeys! Points for originality.
Sound: Decent hip-hop beat. The sound effects were decent too.
Violence: Decent amount of blood with some nice gore.
Interactivity: Overall the controls were quite simple. However I think there should be an option to pick up a weapon. Also I wasn't able to turn around. I don't know if you had this already but make it so you can switch weapons.
Humor: It has monkeys.

Pros: Decent little shooter game overall.
Instead of people it's human like monkeys you shoot so it's kind of original.

Cons: It should be an option to pick up a gun.
Make some more weapons for this.

Overall it was pretty fun, but next time submit the full thing.


Cricket Adventures Cricket Adventures

Rated 4 / 5 stars


The idea of this game is very simple, go for the Power-ball things while dodging enemies. In this game you play as a cricket, now the idea of playing as an insect grabs my interest. The game-play is very simple and slightly addictive. The environment you play on is what you would expect from a bug (basic backyard like environments). On the main character I have A suggestion, maybe when he gets hit by a butter-fly he makes an agonizing chirp sound, and when he snags his power ball thing he makes a victorious chirp. The first time I played this I thought "butterflies as an enemy?" so you may want to make a foe that’s a little bit more ferocious than a butterfly such as a wasp or a dragon-fly. Also when you level up instead at times just increasing the enemy count, maybe add some obstacles such as one of those underground trap door things spiders make. Another thing you can add when you level up is like another cricket. What I mean by that is you have to beat him to the power balls, but this cricket has all the weaknesses you do, so he has to dodge the enemy also.

Graphics: well used sprites.
Style: Cool cat and mouse concept.
Sound: sound fitted nicely, im glad you added a "sound off" button too.
Violence: There's death and resurrection in this.
Interactivity: Smooth game play and simple controls.
Humor: nothing too funny in this.

Pros: Original cat and mouse collecting game.
It's mildly addicting.
Nice music.

Cons: It needs some extras such as more enemies.

Overall it was fun and I hope you take some of my suggestions in consideration.


From Dusk Till Dawn SB From Dusk Till Dawn SB

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Once again another SB (sound board) has stumbled into the portal... but unlike other SB's which are usually sound clips from cartoons (Simpson’s, family guy etc...) this one is based off a horror movie. Also unlike other SB's this has some info on the movie itself, such as cast info. What you should have done is maybe give info on the story line itself. You also gave other options on the main menu too. I was a bit disappointed with the text and color background; however. It didn't really add a creepy theme to it which it should have. I just got done watching FDTD 2: Texas blood money, and I have to say there was a ton of blood in it, so maybe a lot more red in this will make it a bit more eerie. Also add some creepy sound effects in it like when you click an option on the main menu it makes a door squeaking noise, or a scream, just to spook the viewer. Now with the sound board itself I was a little bit disappointed, it didn't really have any introductory sounds such as "hi" or "hello". But a lot of the clips were pretty funny too; if I was calling someone with this sound board they would think im some random loony. Now on to the review...

Graphics- I don't think bright green suits this, more black and red would. I did like the vamp on the main menu however.

Style- Something different than your normal sound board with all the extras in all.

Sound- Some decent clips; however it needs some effects and maybe some main menu music.

Violence- Maybe you can include a gallery of the films most gory moments.

Interactivity- A SB with tons of extra options, you even included a help button.

Humor- As I said before some of the clips made me laugh, not too hard though.

Overall it was a different SB with some cool features, but it desperately needed some spice to it just to make it creepier.


Frenzy responds:

Thanks for the review! I will respond to each of the paragraphs in your 'review section' of this review :):

Graphics- Yes, I kind of regret putting that blue background in the flash now; a red-ish background, or maybe even a black one, would have probably better suited the soundboard.

Style- Thanks. :)

Sound- I can't really find any sounds that saay 'Hello', or 'Hi' or anything like that; these sounds were kind of hard to find in the first place! Oh, and I did have some menu music.

Violence- Good idea, although I'll probably watch the movie again to see the most gory moments. (Not a big deal.) :)

Interactivity- Yeah, I wanted to have lots of that; not just the regular soundboard sutff, you know. Thanks!

Humour- Thanks!

Overall- Thanks for the review! In my next sounndbaord (assuming I make one, which I probably will)I will try to add even more features and stuff to this, and I will try to give it some more 'spice'. Thanks a lot for the great review! Any review is appreciated!

Mouse Avoiders! Mouse Avoiders!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Graphics: Well graphic wise it was horrible.
The colors were just so bland and ugly.
Improve on your graphics and obstacle animation.

Style: The concept has been done many times before, but you also added some new ideas to it such as invisible mouse and multiple-mouse. Well these ideas aren't that appealing and I just gave up on the multiple-mouse.
At least you’re thinking out side the box though.

Sound: Well you could have added different sound clips and maybe a mute button. I didn't like the song... used to though but now it's just plain annoying.

Violence: N/A

Interactivity: Everything worked it just seemed like the movement of the mouse was bumpy, laggy, and basically full of glitches.
Definitely not the smoothest mouse game out there.

Humor: N/A. It didn't really need any humor in it.

Overall the controls were full of glitches. It has some new ideas proposed to it (Invisible mouse, multiple mouse) but they were worse than the normal version. I didn’t have fun with it, but major improvement should be focused mainly on graphics and color, obstacle animation, and different sounds/ mute button.


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Bird Ace Bird Ace

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


*High score 730*

Graphics: Nicely drawn as far as birds go.
The animation was nice and smooth too.

Style: Although the concept wasn't original it was still a nice play very fun. It has a well suited name too.

Sound: Well it needs some music and maybe some more sound effects.

Violence: There’s no blood or gore.

Interactivity: It was pretty challenging, I put at least 5 minutes of play into this trying to get above 700, so I say it’s pretty entertaining.

Humor: N/A

Overall it was a decent game, although it’s really nothing new or special I still had fun with it.