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Tehde Bogey Tehde Bogey

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My body is numb right now...

From cumming 50 billion times to this beautifully crafted piece of art.

Just Desserts Just Desserts

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey thats my voice.


Tugoro responds:


mario vs. bad guys mario vs. bad guys

Rated 0 / 5 stars



Bean49 responds:

how did you put in so many exclamation and question marks!?

Fantastic Dance Party Fantastic Dance Party

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is quite possibly the greatest movie of all time. Superb Art work and animation. The voice acting is phenomenal. And the best part is the plot which is super original. Overall better than fallen angel and bitty biken wood COMBINED XD

Emi_KILLER---2 Emi_KILLER---2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Your not too bad for only 14 years old. You seem to be decent in animating and your animations can be quite smooth at times. The stick figures seem to have creative personalities. You draw stick figures better than most people as well.

There are bad things about this flash, however. Most of the lip syncing in this is off. And for me its hard to hear what they are saying half of the time. The plot was hard to follow at first, but you kind of cleared it up at the end.

Overall I think you need to make some of the voices more clear and understandable. You also need to work on lip syncing. I thought this flash wasn't all that bad, even know I didn't know what the hell was going on at the beginning. Keep practicing, thats all I have to say.


Battle Royal Game Battle Royal Game

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I'm not too found of flash's that lack main plot. But this was pretty good. The background was nice looking and the characters weren't drawn half bad either. However adding more detail to the character wouldn't hurt. Also the black outlines were way too thick.

Animation could have been better. It seemed like they were fighting too robotic like and not at a smooth pace. They moved more awkward than smooth.

The sound was OK, but you could have used a different track, to add to the "battle" theme. It was just too techno like for my taste.

I guess some people might find this entertaining, but I for one didn't. I see were you're going with the whole battle thing, but really you should add some plot. For instance, why are they fighting each other?

I would recommend some detailed carnage as well. This was just too time violence wise.

Some improvements would be to add some more detail into the character design, make some of the motions a tad more smooth and not robotic like, get rid of the huge black outlines, there just too distracting. Finally add some more carnage to this, such as blood, guts, weapons, etc.


VT - East Park VT - East Park

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It was bad for the most part.

[Overview]- When I first started to watch this I thought it would be a half-decent parody or a spin-off. I was wrong. The flash revolves around four kids, obviously based off the south park kids. You did a good job on the characters, there pretty similar to the real thing, except for skin color and clothes. I had a hard time listening to the character because of the bad voice acting and high-pitch voice effects. But what I got from it was that one of you're character wanted to become an "illustrator" so he goes to school and eventually becomes rich at one point in time, then goes back to school again for some reason. As I said before the plot was hard to follow.

[Plot]- It seems like the plot was understandable. Kid wants to become an illustrator so he has to go to school for a degree. Some of the details in the plot was hard to follow. It seems like an average plot and story, but just make it easier to follow and understand whats happening.

[Entertainment Value]- This is the flashes downside. It was extremely boring mainly because of the length. Next time maybe shorten it to about three and a half minutes. Most of the flash consists of the characters moving around doing stuff, but the viewer isn't a hundred percent sure of what exactly they are doing. And when the talk there unusually high pitched voices as annoying as hell. I'd say the most entertaining part for me was the fancy car with hydraulics scene. Overall it was pretty boring.

[Graphics]- The four main characters were drawn quite well. However you need to give your environments more detail.

[Animation]- Bad beyond belief. The characters moved so choppily and robotic-like. Plus you seem to deify the laws of physics when one of the character jumps in mid-air, floats there, and does a 360 spin. And when the teacher handed him the degree it seemed to just float to his hand. Another thing is the bad lip-syncing. Sometimes the lips kept on moving when the character stopped talking. I'd say improve on this the most.

[Sound]- The music was very well fitted for what was going on in the story at the time. However the voice acting was atrocious. Sometimes the seemed to talk so monotonic it wasn't even funny. Plus the voices were just way too high pitched.

[Overall]- SP fans might find this somewhat enjoyable. I myself found this to be so bad at times it was funny. But I think to make it more interesting and an overall better flash you should Improve on animation by making it more realistic, also improve on lip-syncing. You should scratch the whole high-pitch voice idea and just get different people to voice act in there very own voice. You should also shorten it some; you could do this be just getting to the point of the plot without and sub-plots. Overall it looks promising if all you do is improve on what I have listed.


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Nightmare Vs. Scythe Nightmare Vs. Scythe

Rated 3 / 5 stars

pretty good action flash

[Overview]- You seem to have some neat characters in this flash, even though some are slightly cliché, such as the giant robot. The flash is about two guys called scythe and nightmare. I don't know who's who because they were never introduced specifically. Anyway the fight and eventually the big robot guy is killed and more robot guys come probaly to finish the fight with the skinny guy who I'm guessing is scythe. It ends with the dead robot smiling an evil smile.

[Plot]- No real plot here, just two monster like things fighting. It kind of ends in a way boring way with no real climax.

[Entertainment Value]- If you like fighting things, then good, this is for you.

[Graphics] Nothing really detailed, but they were uniquely drawn with great use of the color red.

[Animation]- This is a category that you might want to improve on. The characters motion were quite choppy and not fluent. Improvement is needed.

[Sound]- Had some nice fighting music, it was very well fit. You could have used some more sound effects like grunts for instance.

[Overall]- Nice action flick. Although it's not perfect it was entertaining to some extent. In you're next flash you might want to add a deeper plot, for instance, why these characters are fighting? In also introduce them to the viewer. You might would also like to add a background like a city of some sort. Improvement on the animation would be a plus too.



Pokemon Spank Pokemon Spank

Rated 3 / 5 stars


PROS: Some nice comical violence in this add to the humor level. The voice acting was pretty goofy.

CONS: You could have drawn instead of using real pictures.

OVERALL: It was a humorous flash that had some crazy ideas in it.


Attack of the ... Attack of the ...

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


PROS: It looks like a funny and original idea. The animation and art was nice and colorful. Music was nice and clear.

CONS: Well it was rather short... maybe you could have shown a clip of animation or two from the movie.

OVERALL: An original idea with some impressive graphics and clear sound.